Sammenie O. Sydney

Founder & Team Leader

BSc/Business Administration

 Mr. Sammenie Otis Sydney is our team leader and Founder/Executive Director BIRD-Liberia. He is known to be a proud National Civil Society actor through Agroforestry and Youth Capacity development since 2010.

Mr. Sydney is a Liberian by birth and Naturalization living in Liberia and helping to contribute to National development gearing towards livelihoods promotion both in rural and urban communities.

Mr. Sydney has worked and led multinational youth groups, "CBOs, FBOs, NGOs ETC; and is set to have over 9 years of National & International advocacy experience. He still has the passion for  learning and new exploits.

Mr. Sydney holds a Bachelor Degree from the Every Nation College/University in the Republic of Sierra Leone in  "Business Administration" with emphasis in Human Resource Management. He is a Master’s degree candidate in the Republic of Liberia and a holder of many certificates, including Computer Science.

Mr. Sydney loves extensive reading and research as well as networking with leaders, institutions and state actors that are passionate in developing the lives of deprived people from marginalized areas!


Chrislyn M. Parclott

Livelihoods Coordinator

BSc/ Econ & Management

Chrislyn M. Parclott is a fanatical Liberian working for BIRD-Liberia to end Child Marriage, and health-related issues that affect Livelihoods promotion in poorer Communities of our African Continent.

She was born on February 3, 1994 and has served in many field of advocacy over the last 7yrs. She is a promising and devoted Christian that focuses on emancipation and bringing people together from diverse background that enhances care-giving to the less privileged Children in Liberia.

Madam Parclott has developed organizational trust through team building and is contributing immensely to livelihoods promotion enabling joint Advocacy drives for Africa liberation.

She is also a graduate from the Haywood Mission Institute in Monrovia, a certified graduate from the Elizabeth Training & Empowered Vocational School and a current graduating Bachelor’s Degree candidate in Economics and Management at the University of Liberia.

Additionally, Madam Parclott worked with the General Cooling Center in 2010-2014 as Coordinator and in 2015-2017, worked for Price Water Cooperated International as Administrative Assistant and currently serving as Livelihoods Coordinator for BIRD-Liberia with goals to advance and enlarge advocacy beyond borders, and secure mutual working environments geared toward livelihoods promotion. With the knowledge and experience gained from working with national and International organizations, she is prepared and committed in COORDINATION so that the less privileged may have privileges in their quest for livelihoods promotion.  

Arthur Weedor.jpg

Arthur Weedor

Administrative Officer

BSc/ Agronomy (Soil Science)

Arthur Weedor has over 5 years of experience in advocacy, volunteerism and working with local NGOs in Liberia. Currently, Arthur Weedor is the Chief Administrative Officer at the Brighter Initiatives for Revitalization and Development Inc. (BIRD-Liberia). He focuses on employees, providing administrative support, managing staffs’ queries, prepares regular reports, and organizational records among many duties. Additionally, he has extensive knowledge of advocacy and organizational development. He has developed organizations and initiatives that seek to contribute to the development of young people in Liberia. He has over the years devoted his time to helping the less privileged youths in Liberia. He serves as volunteer at the From Scholars to Leaders Program (FSLP), where he coordinates the activities of scholars at the University of Liberia. In addition to volunteering his service, he serves as Volunteer at the Daily-Toy Saving Club Inc. among others.

Arthur Weedor is a bachelor’s degree candidate in Agronomy at the University of Liberia. He is motivated to contribute to the improvement of the soil and food production in Liberia. He has attended and completed many training programs to equip his leadership ability of which he has contributed toward livelihood and community service programs as has been his dream.


Zubah W. Kponneh

Program Officer

BSc/ Business Administration

Mr. Zubah W. Kponeh is 64 years of age and a retired Police Officer. He has extensive knowledge in project writing and has since been involved in building and molding the minds of young people across Liberia. He has served as Manager for the Model for Reconstruction and Social Development Inc., Operation Manager Fairly Identification and Tracing Agency, Program Manager for the Whistleblower Union Liberia and Program Manager for BIRD-Liberia.

Mr. Kponeh is a graduate of the University of Liberia with a degree in Public Administration and Accountant from the United Methodist University.

He has good history of building youths in Liberia, and a wealth of experience.