Young females in Liberia suffer the brunt epidemic of gender based violence (GBV). The majority of Liberian girls have their first child before reaching the age of 18 due to forced early marriages and rape. As a result, the HIV infection rate among pregnant female adolescents and young women stage at the increase.

Since children and youth have limited access to justice or the protection and enforcement of their rights under the legal system. Protecting the rights of children will contribute to achieving poverty reduction goals of Liberia and ensure the active participation of children and young people in supporting good governance and the growth agenda over the long term. BIRD-Liberia will engage government and partners in ensuring that young people be given proper attention to achieving these goals indicated in the PRS.

Additionally, in order for young people to contribute fully to the revitalization of the Liberian economy, economic stability, and the maintenance of basic subsistence, they must have increased access to the education, skills, and capital needed to take advantage of employment opportunities.